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Farr Institute director to move to Microsoft

Microsoft’s Cambridge facility was the first lab set up by the company outside of the US

PHG Foundation issues call for widespread adoption of new genomic technology

ctDNA testing is currently being used in a small number of UK laboratories

Health data breaches reports increase by 11% in Q1 of 2017

Reporting of data breaches to the Information Commissioner’s Office is compulsory in the health sector

Mix of paper and electronic notes results in patient’s death at London trust

St Bartholomew’s is the oldest hospital in Britain, part of Barts Health NHS Trust, the largest trust in the country

HIMSS Europe launches Future50

HIMSS Europe has launched a new flagship initiative, Future50, which is supported by IBM Watson Health

Finances and staff shortages are top concerns for the NHS

Exclusive survey reveals increasing worries about the ability of the NHS to cope

Dr Zafar Chaudry steps down from CIO role at Cambridge, GDE and EMRAM stage 6 site

Dr Chaudry will be returning to the US this October to pursue a new opportunity

Technical fault disrupts access to NHS Spine

BT data centre fault blocks access to NHS Spine for an hour and a half

IBM Watson Health set to headline sponsor UK e-Health Week 2018

The cognitive computing division signs up to several key HIMSS initiatives to strengthen its engagement with the NHS health IT community

NHS England to invest in AI over the next 12 months

NHS England officially backs recommendations from Sir John Bell’s Life Sciences Industrial strategy

Rachel Dunscombe to chair HIMSS UK advisory board

HIMSS UK is setting up an advisory board to provide ‘strategic and clinical oversight’

Leadership interview: Approaching digital transformation in a mental health setting

We spoke to the Director of Technology and Transformation at a key NHS mental health trust about its progress with digital maturity.

Oxford Online Pharmacy passes CQC inspection

The CQC is set to complete its last round of online primary care provider inspections this autumn.

A lesson in tackling system limitations

House of Lords kicks off Artificial Intelligence inquiry

The committee is looking to understand the impact of AI on key sectors over the coming years
mHealth, patients

Scarce clinical evidence for dementia care technologies prompts warning

‘Poor state’ of clinical information systems is compromising mental health care

Independent watchdog identifies state of information systems a major area of concern for mental health
innovation, NHS

Application process for Innovation and Technology Payment programme opens

Skype consultation trials for 999 callers

patient data

Claims emerge that former Bupa employee was trying to sell one million records on the black market

NHS Wales

Welsh govt. to set up state-of-the-art National Imaging Academy

data sharing, Google

Google opens cloud computing data centre in London


UCLH enters supplier partnership to design and deploy EPR

data security

Bupa employee steals information affecting 108,000 insurance plans


WannaCry attack: emergency measures cost NHS Digital and NHS England £180,000 from internal budgets

patient engagement

NHS trusts maximise use of NHS e-Referral Service

Electronic referrals have reduced the rate of missed appointments from 10% to 5%

A conversation with Hal Wolf, the new President and CEO of HIMSS

BJ-HC catches up with Hal Wolf on his plans, as the digital health veteran starts his new role as President and Chief Executive Officer of HIMSS

Smartphone switch could provide £10m savings for the NHS, report finds

New research estimates the NHS spends more than £6m on the use of pagers every year
digital health

Hampshire County Council to trial Amazon Echo for 50 social care patients

Nick Hopkinson, CIO

'We should allow the patient to help drive change'

patient empowerment

'I think it’s going to challenge the system, in a good way'

Yvonne Goff, eHealth Ireland

Enhancing clinical data with wearables

patient engagement

Clinicians hesitant to steer patients toward patient engagement tech

Integrated care

We must ‘look beyond digitising the status quo’

patient power

‘By empowering the patient, you automatically empower care-givers’

patient engagement

Patient engagement: It’s not all about the technology!

online tool

Trust launches new online care management tool


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Cerner backs Child Protection - Information Sharing scheme | good to see paediatrics being taken seriously
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ICYMI: Scotland reinforces commitment to in new strategy