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SEHTA to co-ordinate development of technology for independent living

SEHTA to co-ordinate development of technology for independent living

[Leatherhead, UK/ Implementations] - The South East Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA) has been awarded a three-year contract to support INNOVAge, an EU-funded project aimed at driving innovation, research and technology development for independent living for older people. SEHTA will co-ordinate cross-regional analysis and be the leader of some mentoring activities with other EU regions involved in the ambient assisted living agenda.

The purpose of INNOVAge is to increase the effectiveness of regional development policies in the field of ‘eco-innovation′ for smart homes and independent living for older people through networking and mentoring activities. Information and communications technologies will play an important role in helping older people live independently for longer in their own homes, increasing their autonomy,  assisting them with their daily activities, and reducing the need for more intensive care in care homes.

“Because of an ageing population, there are already significant pressures on the health service and support services for the elderly,” said Dr David Parry, CEO of SEHTA. “As more and more people live longer in the future, the challenges will increase in several areas, such as helping individuals to remain living in their homes, providing support for their medical needs and welfare, and also relieving some of the pressure placed on family members to look after their older relatives.

“It has already been proven that technology solutions, such as those in telecare and telehealth, have an important role to play. This project will enable us to explore the potential for creating systems and environments where independent living can be supported by advances in technology and applications.” [hw]

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SEHTA has established the International Centre for Excellence in Telecare (ICE-T), a market-led approach to telecare and telehealth, with a network of more than 1,500 contacts in companies, medicine and academia in the UK and internationally   

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