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New programme to develop technology to improve health and wellbeing of older people

New programme to develop technology to improve health and wellbeing of older people

[London, UK/ Implementations] – A new programme supported by the Technology Strategy Board and the Scottish government is investing £37m to develop innovative products, systems and services to create more independent lifestyles for older people. The Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles at Scale (dallas) programme aims to roll out a range of initiatives to about 170,000 people across the UK by 2015.

In launching the programme, Minister of State for Universities and Science, David Willetts, said: “This new dallas scheme is an opportunity for businesses across the country to make the most of a growing market with high potential that will improve our lifestyles as we live longer and put British firms well ahead of the competition.

“Innovation has been one of the key factors in helping people to live longer. Life expectancy has been increasing for decades but now we need some of that innovation to change the way that we provide products, systems and services to older people. This new programme will help give people choice and control and helping them feel a normal part of the community.”

Earl Howe, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department of Health, said, “This is an important step as we drive forward our 3million lives programme, which uses technology to improve the quality of care for millions of people by reducing the amount of time they need to spend in hospital, increasing their independence and dignity.”

The programme consists of four consortia, which are partnerships between NHS organisations, the care sector, charities and the private sector. These are:

i-Focus – a nationwide programme offering people a range of products and services to help them feel more comfortable in their homes. The Warm Neighbourhoods scheme uses online and mobile technologies to enhance and organise informal care networks that help families, friends and neighbours to support others in the community in a practical way.

Year Zero – an online application that empowers individuals to actively manage their health information from cradle to grave. The tools include a digital version of the paper-based Red Book that is given to all new parents to record their child′s health; Family Health Tree, to help people plot their family′s health genealogy; and Rally Round, a social networking and planning tool to connect family, friends, carers and health and care professionals.

The Feelgood Factory — encourages people living in Liverpool to plan for their future in order to better manage their health and social care needs.

Living It Up — focuses on developing innovative solutions that will enable people in communities across Scotland to live happy, healthy and safe lives, enabling choice and better control over their health and wellbeing. The Hidden Talents element also encourages people to identify their talents and share them with other members of the community.
The investment in the programme consists of £19m from the Technology Strategy Board, £1m from the National Institute for Health Research, £5m from the Scottish Government, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise, and contributions from the members of the consortia. [hw]

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