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Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust gains real-time insight into performance metrics to support commissioning

Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust gains real-time insight into performance metrics to support commissioning

[Ipswich, UK/ Implementations] - The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust is using a business intelligence and analytics solution to obtain real-time performance data. This is helping the Trust to analyse quality, activity and financial performance metrics and is facilitating more informed negotiations with its clinical commissioners.

Previously the Trust used a content management system to collate data across the various services it provides. Then, to report on those services, data was extracted manually and placed in a series of Excel spreadsheets. With the new system, the Trust can now view key performance indicators (KPIs), updated on a day-to-day basis, so that it can identify and examine areas of concern and / or interest quickly and effectively. One of the long-term benefits will be to have a single informatics solution for consultants, finance directors and general managers, whether they are analysing theatre data, HR data, nursing quality performance metrics or the Trust′s overall financial performance.

Monitoring KPIs across the Trust

A suite of performance management modules enables the Trust to monitor KPIs across the organisation and drill down from a summary of the data to individual patient records within a couple of clicks. The Trust is currently focusing on reducing its number of Did-Not-Attends (DNAs) and introduced a trial free appointment reminder service in three areas — ophthalmology, diabetes and musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

“We could see  that the number of missed appointments dropped from 11% to 5% in these clinics in December alone and have therefore introduced the reminder service to our Rheumatology, Endoscopy, Respiratory, Endocrine and Hand Therapy Clinics this month, before we roll it out across the hospital,” said Michael Meers, Chief Information Officer at the Trust. “In addition, the insight the Trust is gaining from this real-time data is enabling it to have more informed negotiations with the local PCT. We can now discuss various quality and activity metrics.”

Producing reports to show the level of risk

A major advantage of the system is producing reports that show the level of risk that the Trust might be under within a commissioning contract. “We can assess the level of risk that we might be under by agreeing a particular threshold or penalty within a contract …  strengthening our commissioning discussion with our commissioners and ensuring that we are fully informed,” said Michael Meers, Chief Information Officer at the Trust.

“We will have a number of CCGs in the area”, he added, “so our reporting requirements will be increasing significantly. We can drill down into the data required very quickly so we can provide the exact reports necessary with just a few clicks of a button. We now have the tools available to be able to look at our performance in much more detail and much quicker than before. Our team of analysts is now freed up to analyse the data instead of creating it which, ultimately, will help us achieve our vision of becoming a Foundation Trust and provide nationally recognised, safe, reliable, personal and responsive care to our patients.” [hw][Photo: The Garrett Anderson Centre,Ipswich Hospital / Richard Rogerson/ Wikimedia Commons]

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