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Online tool provides genetically specific treatment for cancers

Online tool provides genetically specific treatment for cancers

[Washington, USA/ Medicine] - The College of American Pathologists (CAP) has published a free online tool to provide patients with late-stage colon cancer and their doctors access to the most up-to-date information for treating their condition. The Therapy Finder — Colorectal Cancer was developed in partnership with CollabRx, an organisation co-founded by a survivor of metastatic melanoma who experienced serious shortcomings in accessing information for treating his own condition.

The Therapy Finder is a dynamically updated online resource that enables doctors and patients to identify diagnostic tests and clinical trials associated with therapies that target the unique genetic profiles of patients′ tumours. It allow users to input information about their disease ─ including the stage, treatment history, status of genetic mutations known to have implications for treatment, and sites of metastasis, if any. It then provides personalised therapy-related options, based on peer-reviewed medical and scientific content that may be of use to the patient and physician, such as identification of potential drugs, diagnostics, and clinical trials that may be useful in the specific form of colorectal cancer selected.

Much needed resource

“The Therapy Finder – Colorectal Cancer app is a novel and much needed educational resource that provides cancer patients and physicians access to complex and highly valuable information about how tumour genetics can be used to guide through clinical trials and treatment options. This is one of the first sites which uses a cutting-edge approach for biomarker driven chemotherapy,” said Dr Heinz-Josef Lenz, professor at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California.

“This online and freely accessible tool will support and enable patient empowerment, engagement, and participation in discussing and creating a personalized cancer treatment plan that leverages the unique aspects of a patient′s medical history and tumour genetic profile whenever possible,” added Dr Wells Messersmith, a clinical advisor to the Therapy Finder – Colorectal Cancer. [hw]

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The Therapy Finder — Colorectal

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