Device connectivity, as fascinating as it is, brings with itself further risks. As the WannaCry attack forced the NHS to accept a harsh reality, this hub will give you the latest on ransomware, data breaches and CareCERT’s efforts to strengthen cyber defence across the UK’s health service.

WannaCry attack ‘biggest test of the year’ for NCSC

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), set up in 2016, operates as part of GCHQ

Health data breaches reports increase by 11% in Q1 of 2017

Reporting of data breaches to the Information Commissioner’s Office is compulsory in the health sector

Finances and staff shortages are top concerns for the NHS

Exclusive survey reveals increasing worries about the ability of the NHS to cope


NHS ‘will be hit by more cyber attacks’

Cybersecurity is a top concern for healthcare management professionals an exclusive survey reveals, and the threats are expected to increase
cybersecurity, NHS

CCG warns patients to remain vigilant as IT supplier deals with computer virus

cybersecurity, NHS

Ransomware attack disrupts services at NHS Lanarkshire

DCMS warns poor cybersecurity could lead to £17m fines


More than £105,000 in bitcoin removed from WannaCry wallets

Study finds up to 60 per cent of healthcare organisations use more than six vendors for cybersecurity

82 per cent of NHS trusts spent £260m on new PCs in less than four years

Claims emerge that former Bupa employee was trying to sell one million records on the black market


WannaCry attack: emergency measures cost NHS Digital and NHS England £180,000 from internal budgets


NHS Digital worked with over 20 suppliers during WannaCry attack, interim CEO reveals

Gateshead Health NHS FT deploys Imprivata solution

patient data

WannaCry attack: National Audit Office to release outcome of investigation into NHS impact this autumn

Data security

WannaCry attack: ‘Communication from NHS England could have been better coordinated’

McNeil: Health is the most hacked data system in the world now

WannaCry, cybersecurity

WannaCry attack: NHS Digital Interim CEO says NHS ‘could do better’

BBC Horizon programme sheds light on WannaCry attack

Functional NHS computers ‘rarer and more precious than gold dust’

radiology, cybsersecurity

Report shows ‘cost savings’ can endanger cyber defence

cybersecurity, NHS

HSE Ireland discovers more than 5,000 cyber attack attempts at single hospital in one day

nhs scotland

NHS cyber attack: Less than 1% of computers affected in Scotland

cybersecurity, NHS

NHS cyber attack: Security Minister calls Windows XP accusations 'red herrings'


NHS Providers chief blames ‘usual NHS bashing’ following global cyber attack


NHS cyber attack: Europol chief warns healthcare systems remain ‘particularly vulnerable’ to ransomware threats


NHS Digital confirms malware variant hits 16 organisations


Isolate IT ‘infections’ to minimise data loss risks, says neurology registrar



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