Integrated Care

Be it accountable care organisations, sustainability and transformation partnerships or new models of care, the integration of health and care services will define the future sustainability of the NHS. This hub will keep you up to date with developments on connected care across the UK.

Devon Doctors and Earl Mountbatten Hospice go live with HSCN

First primary care provider and third sector organisation join the HSCN

Funding announced to reduce delayed discharges

The £.1.4m funding is set to address problems created by delayed transfers of care

BLOG: Will you rise to the real population health management challenge?

Population health is taking responsibility for managing the overall health and wellbeing of a population and being accountable for health outcomes


Wye Valley NHS Trust goes live with EPR system

Wye Valley NHS Trust is to build on existing partnership with Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

NHS Digital pilots NHS.UK Personal Health Records scheme

NHS Digital is sticking to its September 2017 commitments, piloting a new scheme through which patients at five GP practices will be able to view their GP record through a beta version of NHS.UK
Stage 6, EMRAM

Cascais becomes first Portuguese Stage 6 hospital


DSS tool found to improve GPs’ diagnostic accuracy

apps, wearables

Health tech trends for 2017

AI, health IT

’We won’t get through the challenges ahead without AI’

Yvonne Goff, eHealth Ireland

Enhancing clinical data with wearables


Germany: A keen interest in informatics

UK e-Health Week

NHS: Health and care IT skills gap ‘hindering progress’

IT, NHS Scotland

Scotland: Tech tool shown to improve GPs’ diagnostic accuracy

Will Smart, CIO, NHS England

NHS England CIO speaks out on digital transformation

population health

‘Putting data in the hands of clinicians key to population health’

online healthcare

Web ‘will not replace traditional medical data sources’

NHS, cybersecurity

Data security: ‘Be ready and be cyber resilient’

maxine mackintosh, healthtech women

Interview: Women in healthcare IT

interoperability, eHealth

Video - World Economic Forum on using data to improve outcomes

Artificial Intelligence, IBM

AI in healthcare: It’s gone mental!


NHS trials teleneurology system


Telepsychiatry market has ‘come of age’, according to new report

Integrated care

PETs need to be ‘designed with patients in mind’

Integrated care

Spain’s BSA tops global list for continuity of care

Keith McNeil, CCIO

UK e-Health Week: top speakers confirmed!


France geared up to become leader in genomic medicine

patient engagement

Clinicians hesitant to steer patients toward patient engagement tech


English hospitals pioneers in robotic surgery



Ben Gowland@BenXGowland 22.03.2018
"AI can also encourage the transformation of the wider healthcare system, helping it to move from one that focuses…
BJHC News@BJHC_news 22.03.2018
BJHC News@BJHC_news 22.03.2018
“Integration is not just about merging services, it’s about understanding what different cohorts of people within a…
BJHC News@BJHC_news 22.03.2018
We’re at the Executive Leadership Summit today, waiting to hear from
Pgh Life Sciences@PghLifeSciences 21.03.2018
"Interfaces need to be designed to meet user needs." Excellent point! Don't overlook the human element in your des…
CommonTime@CommonTime 21.03.2018
2017 saw a 211% increase in healthcare security incidents, according to the latest Threats Report. (vi…
Dillan Yogendra@DillanYogendra1 21.03.2018
Completely agree that the hype should not cloud judgement & end us…
HIMSS UK@HIMSS_UK 21.03.2018
A very pertinent blog post from , one of our brilliant panel members at the debate tomorrow at…
BJHC News@BJHC_news 21.03.2018
NEW BLOG: How is transforming the nature of delivery? 's looks at the app…
Sarah Amani@S_Amani 21.03.2018
Data and insight: The NHS doesn't have time to lose via
BJHC News@BJHC_news 20.03.2018
: Connected health devices pose increasing threats, experts warn
Rob Benson@RobBensonMktg 20.03.2018
Susan Venables@Susan_Venables 20.03.2018
Good news for innovation as announces that it will invest £300 million from its Industrial Str…
BJHC News@BJHC_news 20.03.2018
NEW: extends access to datasets for researchers
Dillan Yogendra@DillanYogendra1 19.03.2018
NEW: A hotbed of health IT : Keele University via
BJHC News@BJHC_news 19.03.2018
Healthcare sees two-fold increase in reported security incidents in 2017, experts say…
Susan Venables@Susan_Venables 18.03.2018
Around half of staff are using commercial instant messaging apps for work, according to a report for mobile te…