Without strong leadership, the NHS will struggle overcoming the unprecedented challenges technology delivery can pose. From procurement to deployment and the NHS Digital Academy’s progress, this hub will let you know the latest in the NHS digital leadership arena.

Data and insight: The NHS doesn’t have time to lose

In a new blog, Dr Mark Davies, HIMSS UK Chief Medical Officer, warns the NHS does not have any time to lose when it comes to digitisation

BLOG: Moving towards centre stage

2018 has only just started, but already it’s been quite a year for health informatics in Wales

Dr Simon Eccles appointed as new Health and Care CCIO

Dr Eccles holds a number of senior roles in the NHS


Partnership spells new approach to digital health tech

The Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) has today announced a partnership in the UK with The Social Kinetic, designed to transform access to information technology and digital learning within the UK health sector.

Scottish government urged to address barriers in digitising health and care

A new report from the Scottish parliament’s Health and Sport committee looks at the main barriers in digitising the NHS, urging the government to take action.

BLOG: If only IT were free

In a new blog for BJ-HC, Richard Corbridge, Chief Digital & Information Officer at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, argues that investment in digital has to become the 'catalyst' for transformation...

BLOG: Using technology to improve patient outcomes, experiences and making best use of resources

In a new column, Susan Aitkenhead, Director of Nursing, Professional Development at NHS England, gives an update on the Leading Change, Adding Value framework and the Child Protection - Information Sharing project.

Wales urged to ‘leverage’ benefits of tech to improve health and care services

New parliamentary review sets out a series of recommendations to improve health and social care services in Wales, with a particular focus on technology and innovation.

NHS Digital Academy becomes ECHAlliance member

Rachel Dunscombe, CEO of the NHS Digital Academy, Director of Digital at the Salford Royal Group and Chair of the HIMSS UK Advisory Board, says the ECHAlliance will support the academy’s efforts in leveraging international connections.

Natural England boss to take up CQC Chief Operating Officer role

The Care Quality Commission has appointed Kirsty Shaw as its new Chief Operating Officer, who will be leaving Natural England, a non-departmental public body helping to protect the country’s natural environment.

Sir David Behan to stand down from CQC Chief Executive role

Sir David Behan is to leave the Care Quality Commission this summer, with the recruitment process for a new Chief Executive expected to start shortly.

Cerner appoints Philips exec as CEO

Brent Shafer, the CEO and Executive of Vice President of Philips North America, has been appointed as CEO of Cerner, one of the leading health IT suppliers.

Hunt becomes Health and Social Care Secretary of State in Cabinet reshuffle

Cabinet reshuffle brings health and social care into the portfolio of one minister

BLOG: The changing role of eHealth professionals?

The term ‘informatics’ is a term that divides rather than unites people. Similarly, the term ‘digital’ suffers from being one word with thousands of interpretations.

A look at some of the most-read digital health stories in 2017

Before the end of the year, we take a look at some of our most-read stories for 2017. From management restructuring to new EHR contracts, NHS trusts are making significant efforts towards improving patient care through digital means.

Chief innovation officers ‘needed within NHS organisations’

It is is believed chief innovation officers could have an impact on encouraging sensible adoption of innovation across the NHS, a new briefing published by the Nuffield Trust suggests.

The move to on ‘open and transparent’ NHS culture

As the Public Accounts Committee says the NHS is not ‘well placed to learn from its mistakes’, we take a look at improvements in developing an open and transparent culture across the system.

West Suffolk goes live with second phase of EPR programme

The Cerner Global Digital Exemplar site West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust is working with Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust as part of the fast follower programme.

Applications open for NHS Digital Academy training

Three cohorts of 100 people will be selected to receive training under the NHS Digital Academy umbrella.

BLOG: IT due diligence key to clinical safety

The implementation stage of any new IT system is one of heightened risk – not just from a business or IT standpoint, but from a care standpoint too. However, many organisations are failing to give clinical risk management the focus it deserves.

EXCLUSIVE: Advancing the process of digital transformation in healthcare - the Welsh model (2)

Andrew Griffiths, Director and Chief Information Officer at the NHS Wales Informatics Service, told BJ-HC that the additional funding for the NHS in Wales will be used to generate a ‘real push’ on implementation.

EXCLUSIVE: Advancing the process of digital transformation in healthcare - the Welsh model

Andrew Griffiths, Director and Chief Information Officer at the NHS Wales Informatics Service, told BJ-HC about latest developments in digital health across Wales.

BLOG: Leading Change, Adding Value: a framework for nursing, midwifery and care staff

Transformation, as set out within the Five Year Forward View (FYFV) is being delivered so we have health and care services that can adapt to the future. There is recognition that we cannot rely on what might be regarded as the more ‘traditional’ solutions to some of our major pressures and that we need to think somewhat differently as we move...

NHS England seeks CCIO to lead delivery of digital transformation agenda

NHS England looks for new CCIO as Keith McNeil returns to Australia.

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust appoints first CCIO as CQC raises EPR concerns

The seventh largest mental health trust in the UK has now created a CCIO role as a response to concerns raised by the Care Quality Commission.

Afzal Chaudhry, Cambridge University Hospitals CCIO, joins HIMSS UK Advisory Board

BJ-HC spoke to Dr Afzal Chaudhry, Associate Lecturer, Consultant Nephrologist and Chief Clinical Information Officer at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, about the trust’s progress within the Global Digital Exemplar scheme and the HIMSS UK Advisory Board.

HIMSS UK announces members of first ever Advisory Board

The Advisory Board will include, among others, Richard Corbridge, currently transitioning out of his tenure as Health Service Executive CIO in Ireland to become the CIO of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and NHS Digital Chief Nurse Anne Cooper, a digitally-empowered patient with diabetes.

Irish Health Service Executive appoints interim CIO

The recruitment process for a permanent CIO is being co-ordinated by the Health Service Executive in collaboration with Gartner.



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: Connected health devices pose increasing threats, experts warn https://t.co/JWFJaxW5VF
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