Patient Empowerment

Tech advances seem to slowly be redefining every last bit of healthcare, but the most interesting possibility remains giving citizens the tools they need to be in control. From personal health records to remote patient monitoring, we will let you know what to you need to keep tabs on.

Around 5,000 London patients registered with GP at Hand service

New smartphone consultation service launches across London

Tech firms join forces to tackle cyberbullying

New initiative aims to create a safe and supportive online environment

London CCG goes live with new app for patients

Patients in Bexley will be able to use a new NHS mobile app


NHS turns to digital to improve diabetes prevention rates

World Diabetes Day sees NHS England turn to digital technology to improve diabetes prevention.

A conversation with Hal Wolf, the new President and CEO of HIMSS

This week, BJ-HC caught up with Hal Wolf, veteran of the digital health industry and former Chief Operating Officer of Kaiser Permanente. Starting his new role as President and Chief Executive Officer of HIMSS, Wolf gave us an insight into his plans and expectations for the organisation going forward.

Council fined £70,000 after failing to secure home care data portal

Global digital exemplars, NHS

Cerner backs Child Protection - Information Sharing scheme

data breach

Cyber attack leads to unlawful access of administrative patient data

electronic health records

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust signs £30m deal to deploy the Allscripts Sunrise EPR

NHS, patient data

NHS employee fined for illegally accessing and disclosing patient information

electronic health records

McKesson deal to double the Allscripts EHR count in the US

patient care, eHealth

Programme announced for the high-level eHealth conference taking place in Estonia

patient care, HIV

CQC praises hospital’s ‘theraupetic’ use of digital inclusion IT suite

patient data

Scottish hospital starts trialling patient portal

NHS 24

NHS 24 to revamp NHS Inform website

Glitch sees phone reboot itself when dialling 999

Confed17: NHS Choices a ‘fabulous but disconnected resource’

mental health, apps

Digital ‘might be counter-intuitive’ for mental health

Tech UK, digital health

techUK calls for £1bn per year to further NHS digitisation efforts

Nick Hopkinson, CIO

'We should allow the patient to help drive change'

GP, eHealth

Barts Health’s e-clinic to go live in Waltham Forest

mobile app

Mobile apps launched to help UK patients

Patients with dementia

Intelligent healthcare tech design will benefit from patient input

apps, NHS

NHS rejects claims app will replace 111 helpline

good things foundation

Tinder Foundation renamed as Good Things Foundation

health and social care

Technology issues a challenge for the social care sector

'A challenge and an opportunity in the asthma app market?'

kate granger, NHS

Kate Granger’s compassionate care mission to continue



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