Health IT advocates believe the sustainable future of the NHS is contingent on technology. This implementation is itself dependent on regulation, funding, strategies or reimbursement. Our hub will keep you up to date with the latest developments in health tech policy across the NHS.

UK government to set up new Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

The UK wants to remain at the forefront of AI research and development

NHS to get £2.8bn extra funding during the next three years

Chancellor delivers the Autumn budget

Link up consumer electronic products with NHS and social care systems, says Edinburgh Medical School

Interested parties have submitted evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport committee


Hunt gives the go-ahead on the £325m investment for strongest STPs

innovation, NHS

Application process for Innovation and Technology Payment programme opens

Govt. announces £86m fund for health technology innovators and new medicines

NHS Wales

Welsh govt. to set up state-of-the-art National Imaging Academy

Global digital exemplars, NHS

North Tees and Hartlepool trust to file expression of interest to become a fast follower

Royal Liverpool to work with EMRAM stage 7 partners from Boston

Digital exemplar’s latest strategy puts emphasis on international collaboration through Global Digital Exemplar programme.
NHS Digital academy

New Healthcare Digital Leaders programme set up across the country

Three Liverpool trusts approaching start of EPR deployment

General Election

General Election: NHS IT pledges ahead of the election

Global digital exemplars, NHS

West Suffolk nominates Milton Keynes University Hospital as fast follower

Global digital exemplars, NHS

Mental health exemplars to buddy up with fast followers

Global digital exemplars, NHS

Northumberland, Tyne and Wear aligns informatics strategy to GDE objectives

Global digital exemplars, NHS

New digital exemplars to cover ‘geographical areas’

the most ambitious programme of investment

Tories set to embark on ‘most ambitious’ NHS tech investment plan


Labour promises £10bn for ‘NHS buildings and IT systems’ as part of £37bn pledge

simon stevens, uk e-health week

2017-18 is a ‘sleeves rolled up year’ for the NHS, says Simon Stevens

Global digital exemplars, NHS

NHS Digital Academy to work with GDEs and fast followers first

Global digital exemplars, NHS

‘Digital navigator’- leading the way towards change

Global digital exemplars, NHS

Oxford University Hospitals NHS FT nominates Royal Berkshire NHS FT as fast follower

Global digital exemplars, NHS

Salford Royal NHS FT nominates Pennine trust for fast follower scheme

Global digital exemplars, NHS

Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen nominates Liverpool Women’s FT as fast follower


Scotland issues £1.5m tender for radiology IT connectivity solution

NHS Wales

£7.3m funding for 11 Welsh digital health innovations

digital health

SBRI Healthcare sets up £2.1m fund for ‘novel technologies’

Global digital exemplars, NHS

Treasury reportedly approves GDE funding



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