BLOG: Leading Change, Adding Value – supporting and driving national, regional and local transformation

It has been two years since Leading Change, Adding Value (LCAV) was launched as the national framework for nursing, midwifery and care staff within England.


Leading Change, Adding Value (LCAV) sets out the professions’ contribution to the Five Year Forward View (FYFV) and other transformational change at local, regional and national level. As with the FYFV it positions the significance of using data and technology throughout it. It has a principle of everyone is a leader, whatever their  role, wherever they work.

As we move towards UK e-Health week (15-16 May, London), I am reflecting today as to how some of the themes of the week map across to LCAV. I am delighted that all the e-Health themes are integral to the successful delivery of the framework.

The UK e-Health Week themes of population health, enabling the public, professional development, digitising care, and technical advances are either set out specifically within one of the ten aspirational commitments  or within the narrative of the principal document itself.

Population health is a central theme of the framework; however the first three commitments, led by Public Health England (PHE) specifically address this. LCAV is closely aligned to PHE’s ‘call to action’ to  healthcare professionals individually and collectively, to contribute to the vision of the FYFV, through prevention of improving population health and being champions of developing the ‘social movement for health’.

Taking personal responsibility and personalised care planning

Enabling the public, as patients, individuals and those populations we care for, and work alongside, is also an integral principal of the framework. The framework advocates that the need to encourage people  to take more responsibility for their health by focusing on personalised care planning, self-management and behaviour change.

Recognising the importance of building up the future and current workforce through talent spotting, building future leadership capability is also a key part of the framework. Professional development as part of a culture of life-long learning and self-reflection is vital for the provision of high quality care.

'Atlas of Shared Learning'

In relation to digitising care and technical advances, as mentioned previously, the importance of data and technology is concurrent throughout LCAV. Currently we are building an ‘Atlas of Shared Learning’ which will be an interactive repository of over 200 case studies, showcasing how colleagues have identified and addressed unwarranted variation to improve outcomes, experience and make better use of resources.

So far, more than 100 case studies have been submitted. This collection translates into a mix of films and text to demonstrate leadership from colleagues in a variety of organisations, roles and sectors, all  sharing their work on identifying and addressing unwarranted variation in practice.

Several of these case studies are already showcasing the role of data and technology in the delivery of health and care. For example, we have seen work on enhancing the care of residents in care homes by using  technology to improve the identification of the deteriorating patient and prevent admissions to hospital. Other work has also been undertaken to create an App based system for professional midwifery advocates. Additionally the implementation of handheld devices  has been used to reduce documentation time and strengthen decision support at the bedside in some organisations.

We are seeing nursing, midwifery and care colleagues stepping in to the digital leadership space and showcasing how their work can help lead the transformation of the delivery of health and care.

I am sure that UK e-Health Week will inspire more of this great work, and I would encourage you to share any case studies with us.

Find out more information about Leading Change, Adding Value and follow the discussion on twitter using the hashtag #Lead2Add

Susan Aitkenhead

Director of Nursing, Professional Development NHS England

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