The first eHealth platform in the world to combine IHE and openEHR

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - (HealthTech Wire / News) — Tomaž Gornik, CEO of Marand says that postmodern EHR is the next stage in the development of EHRs. A vendor-neutral health data layer is required to connect all the apps and applications into one coherent system.Postmodern EHR is a modular clinical information system wherein data is decoupled from applications, and where all applications are required to use (capture, store, retrieve, analyse) health data in a standardised, vendor-neutral format. Most healthcare organisations are beginning to realise that their data is more valuable than their applications. In the Postmodern EHR approach, introducing, renewing and replacing apps, devices, and cloud services is far easier and faster compared to legacy monolithic EHRs due to a multivendor environment built on an open and agile architecture.

A cornerstone to any postmodern EHR architecture is a health data platform capable of managing data on behalf of all constituents of the architecture. Marand’s own Think!EHR PlatformTM is one of the leading health data platforms with many major real-world implementations already in use, like Moscow’s primary care eHealth system for 12 million patients, Sweden or NHS England’s Open Source community building a medication management solution on top of our platform.

Think!EHR PlatformTM is also the first eHealth platform to combine IHE's standard document exchange with structured health data based on openEHR. This enables governments, healthcare providers, ecosystem enablers, vendors, SMEs and other healthcare providers to get the best of both worlds: the ability to exchange and manage IHE/HL7 documents while at the same time taking advantage of fully structured health data.


Source: HealthTech Wire


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