Device connectivity, as fascinating as it is, brings with itself further risks. As the WannaCry attack forced the NHS to accept a harsh reality, this hub will give you the latest on ransomware, data breaches and CareCERT’s efforts to strengthen cyber defence across the UK’s health service.

NHS Digital appoints Chief Information Security Officer

Robert Coles has been appointed as Chief Information Security Officer at NHS Digital

North Korean programmer charged over WannaCry attack by US prosecutors

US prosecutors bring charges against a North Korean citizen alleged to have been involved in a series of cyber-attacks, including WannaCry

OpenEMR vulnerabilities threaten the security of 100 million records

Cybersecurity researchers identify a number of vulnerabilities in an open-source electronic records management solution, OpenEMR


NHS Digital selects IBM to boost cybersecurity

NHS Digital enters three year partnership with IBM to enhance data security and expand Cyber Security Operations Centre,

Health IT: The New Frontier of Cyberwar

In a new blog, Dr Saif Abed, Founding Partner of AbedGraham, argues that the WannaCry cyber-attack from May 2017 is only 'the tip of the iceberg as far as risk goes' in healthcare...

DHSC inks deal with Microsoft amid increasing cyber concerns

Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt says the new deal will ensure the NHS uses 'the latest and most resilient software available' to address ongoing cyber risks...

MPs criticise delays in strengthening NHS cyber defence capabilities

MP and Public Accounts Committee Chair Meg Hillier has said delays in strengthening cyber resilience across health and care following the WannaCry attack are ‘alarming’.

New £13.5m cyber innovation centre to be opened in London

The new centre is expected to support at least 72 companies over a period of three years, and will be run by Plexal, located in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Healthcare sees 211% increase in security incidents in 2017, McAfee says

McAfee experts say both healthcare organisations and software developers have to be ‘more vigilant in ensuring they are up to date on security best practices’ after they find a surge in reported incidents for 2017.

Connected health devices pose increasing cyber threats, experts warn

The use of connected health devices that are susceptible to hacking could have significant consequences on patient safety, according to new research from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Systems back up and running at Cambridge University Hospitals following IT disruption

The trust had to divert ambulances and cancel elective operations due to problems with its computer network.

Reports of health data breaches increase by 22% in Q3 of 2017, ICO figures show

Data posted, faxed or sent by email to the wrong recipients and loss or theft of paperwork are among the three main types of data breaches reported in Q3 of 2017.

NCSC blocks more than 746,000 NHS phishing emails in one month

The National Cyber Security Centre has released a 'One Year On' report on the Active Cyber Defence programme...

NHS Digital should appoint a national Chief Information and Security Officer, review finds

The newly-released ‘lessons learned’ review of the WannaCry incident sets out a series of recommendations to strengthen cyber resilience across the service in England.

Public Accounts Committee launches inquiry into WannaCry attack

The Public Accounts Committee will examine the WannaCry attack in a new inquiry as the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport releases the response to a consultation launched in 2017 to shape implementation of the Security of Network and Information Systems directive.

NHS Digital signs new deal with Microsoft to boost cyber-resilience

"This deal will further bolster protection against cyber security issues in the NHS,” said Dan Taylor, NHS Digital’s Director of Security...

A look at cybersecurity across the NHS after the WannaCry attack

The government is investing £4.2bn to support the adoption of digital technology across the NHS over the five years up to 2020, but how much of that is going into strengthening cyber defence capabilities?

NHS Digital aims to improve cyber incident communications

After issuing a £20m tender for a new Security Operations Centre, NHS Digital introduces new SMS alerts for CareCERT updates to improve cyber defence across health and care organisations.

NHS Digital issues £20m tender for Security Operations Centre

According to the tender notice, the new centre will drive standardisation of processes under a ‘single unified’ Security Operating Model.

Trauma centres to receive the £21m cybersecurity funding promised by end of 2017

The £21m cybersecurity capital fund was announced by the Department of Health in July this year after the WannaCry attack as a response to the Care Quality Commission and Caldicott reviews from 2016.

Barts Health ‘badly affected by WannaCry right across the estate’

Barts Health struggles with ‘very challenging’ IT infrastructure acquired after the 2012 merger of three trusts.

North Korea denies launching the WannaCry cyber attack

Security Minister Ben Wallace said last week in an interview for the BBC the UK is ‘as sure as possible’ North Korea was behind the WannaCry cyber attack.

Security minister says North Korea was behind the WannaCry attack

Ben Wallace, Security Minister, told the BBC North Korea was the ‘hostile state’ behind the global WannaCry attack from May this year.

NHS & Department of Health warned to ‘get their act together’ after National Audit Office WannaCry investigation

National Audit Office investigation into the WannaCry attack finds NHS organisations ‘had tended to overestimate’ their readiness to deal with cyber attacks.

High-profile London plastic surgery clinic hit by cyber attack

Metropolitan Police launches investigation after hackers target top cosmetic clinic in London.

WannaCry attack ‘biggest test of the year’ for NCSC

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued its first annual review, with statistics indicating more than 1,000 cyber incidents have been reported thus far.

Health data breaches reports increase by 11% in Q1 of 2017

New figures from the Information Commissioner’s Office point to an increase in health data breaches reported in the first quarter of 2017.

Finances and staff shortages are top concerns for the NHS

Exclusive survey reveals increasing worries about the ability of the NHS to cope.



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