Extracting knowledge and insight from vast amounts of data is seen as the biggest opportunity to improve our population’s health. Our hub will let you know what to keep an eye on in regards to data analytics, storage, privacy and others.

Three regions selected as Local Health and Care Record Exemplars

Greater Manchester, Wessex and One London will receive up to £7.5m during the next two years to build on existing local shared record initiatives

Treasure in the cloud

UKCloud Health: Stakeholders should replace their insular IT strategies with cloud-based models that are primed for collaborative data mining

BLOG: The power of data

NHS Digital Director of Data Daniel Ray gives an update on the agency's data science strategy...


Shared records exemplar programme to address failures in linking up data with delivery of care

Chief Information Officer for Health and Care in England Will Smart speaks at the UK e-Health Week conference about the new Local Health and Care Record Exemplar programme expected to underpin the move towards a ‘data-led’ NHS.

NHS Digital developing ‘avatar’ to answer data queries, UK e-Health week told

NHS Digital is developing an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot or ‘cognitive avatar’ as a tool to facilitate quicker and more efficient access to its data.

BLOG: The roadmap to University Hospital Southampton's digital transformation journey

Addressing the three big themes at UK e-Health Week 2018 - Leadership, Global Lesson and Digital Advances, Adrian Byrne, CIO at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS), shares the roadmap to UHS’ digital transformation journey, which has revolutionised its healthcare delivery.

Hunt launches inquiry into 450,000 missed screenings due to IT failure

The Department of Health and Social Care launches an independent inquiry as Public Health England (PHE) analysis finds that 450,000 women did not receive an invitation to their final routine breast cancer screening during 2009 and the beginning of 2018 due to an IT glitch.

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust overhauls EPR system

BJ-HC speaks to James Rawlinson, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust Director of Health Informatics, about the new Electronic Patient Record (EPR) Infrastructure upgrade.

BMA backs health committee’s calls to suspend NHS Digital/Home Office data sharing deal

The British Medical Association is questioning NHS Digital’s ‘ability to act as a trusted custodian for the data it holds’ after refusing to suspend its data sharing agreement with the Home Office.

NHS Digital partners with Open Data Institute Leeds

Through a new partnership with the Open Data Institute Leeds, NHS Digital wants to ensure it is ‘leveraging and innovating with open data’.

NHS Digital criticised for sharing data with Home Office after ongoing concerns

The Health and Social Care Committee says NHS officials have paid ‘little regard (…) to the underlying ethical implications’ of the data sharing agreement with the Home Office.

NHS data could be of ‘immense value’ to AI research, says Lords committee

The House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence urges the NHS to digitise its 'current practices and records' by 2022 and sets out a series of recommendations to support sensible adoption of new technologies...

Data and ethics, driving factors for sensible AI adoption in the NHS

HIMSS UK Executive Leadership Summit panel assesses the potential of the NHS to deploy AI technologies considering the current state of its infrastructure.

Report reveals discrepancies in GDPR expenditure at GDE sites

Research from the Parliament Street think-tank indicates 46 NHS trusts are spending more than £1m to ensure they meet requirements imposed by the GDPR.

CQC warns of patient safety risks relating to ‘poor’ access to records at London trust

The Care Quality Commission is urging Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) to address patient safety risks relating to ‘poor’ access to medical records following the latest inspection.

‘The penny has dropped’ on the benefits of NHS data, says Health Minister

The new Local Health and Care Record Exemplar scheme and Digital Innovation Hubs will help the NHS improve care for patients, Health Minister tells delegates at a conference in London.

NHS Digital director to outline data plans

An AI avatar could help make NHS Digital data more accessible in the future, Professor Daniel Ray will tell the HIMSS UK Executive Leadership Summit today.

Four Scottish health boards to link up health and social care data

The new clinical portal will be hosted by NHS Grampian.

New report looks at the increasing use of messaging apps across the NHS

New research finds NHS staff are increasingly relying on instant messaging apps to communicate at work.

NHS Digital issues call for more data to be added to breast implant registry

Figures show that at the end of January, only 231 providers had submitted data on implant procedures, with 38% from the NHS and 62% from the independent sector.

Allscripts to sell OneContent business to Hyland

Bill Priemer, Hyland CEO and President, says the addition of OneContent is ‘complementary to the core focus of the Hyland Healthcare business’.

NHS Digital unveils new plans to improve systems integration

NHS employees will be able to use their NHSmail credentials to log into a variety of platforms integrated with the Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Health Data Research UK awards £30m to six sites to drive research

“Our quest is to harness large-scale data analysis and technology to power the UK as a leader in the field of precision health,” Professor Andrew Morris, Health Data Research UK Director, said at the Festival of Genomics in London last month.

East Lancashire trust picks Cerner as preferred EPR supplier

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust is now working with Cerner to put together a business case for the deployment of the Electronic Patient Record system.

‘Major’ technical issue disrupts services across NHS Wales

Report sets out ‘practical way forward’ for the NHS to harness AI

New report looks at complexities around the use of AI in healthcare, mapping out a series of steps to be taken for new technologies to support service transformation.

PwC survey says more than 90% of UK public is ‘happy’ to share health data within the system

New research carried out by Opinium on behalf of PwC aims to shed light on the public’s view on patient records and sharing of data.

PHE data to help the NHS identify outbreaks of seasonal illnesses

NHS England regional monitoring teams will assess data gathered by Public Health England to predict any surge in service demand due to outbreaks of seasonal illnesses.



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