East Lancashire trust picks Cerner as preferred EPR supplier

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust is now working with Cerner to put together a business case for the deployment of the Electronic Patient Record system.

‘Major’ technical issue disrupts services across NHS Wales

Report sets out ‘practical way forward’ for the NHS to harness AI

New report looks at complexities around the use of AI in healthcare, mapping out a series of steps to be taken for new technologies to support service transformation.

PwC survey says more than 90% of UK public is ‘happy’ to share health data within the system

New research carried out by Opinium on behalf of PwC aims to shed light on the public’s view on patient records and sharing of data.

PHE data to help the NHS identify outbreaks of seasonal illnesses

NHS England regional monitoring teams will assess data gathered by Public Health England to predict any surge in service demand due to outbreaks of seasonal illnesses.

AI has ‘great potential’ to improve system efficiency, says NHS Digital Medical Director

BJ-HC spoke to NHS Digital Medical Director and Caldicott Guardian Martin Severs at the recent King’s Fund event in Leeds on sharing health and care records.

National Data Guardian reinforces ‘fundamental’ need to build public trust

A new report anticipates that the National Data Guardian for Health and Care will be put on statutory footing during this Parliament.

Framework sets out recommendations to expand data use in mental health research

The Department of Health has published a new framework for mental health research as a response to a recommendation from the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health.

Kingston Hospital NHS FT issues EDM system tender

The London trust is looking to find a supplier for an Electronic Document Management (EDM) system in order to digitise existing paper-based records and a provider of an outsourced scanning service, with an estimated contract value of £7m in total.

Trust issues £49m EPR tender with hopes to expand to STP-wide Electronic Citizen Record

The trust will initially be looking to deploy a ‘fully integrated’ Patient Administration System (PAS), Maternity, Renal and Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (EPMA).

Lack of consistent data leading to ‘rising’ clinical negligence costs

Data on incidents, claims and complaints is not collected through a ‘consistent classification’ across NHS trusts.

NHS England and DoH criticised for ‘failures in oversight’ of NHS SBS handling of data

An estimated £6.6m has been spent on attempts to identify and assess more than 700,000 items of mail mishandled by NHS Shared Business Services.

ICO to fund four innovative projects tackling privacy challenges

Teesside University will work with Connected Health Cities to create a digital tool for health professionals to securely exchange sensitive information.

Working group to lead implementation of recommendations from CCIO review on data collection

New review carried out by Professor Keith McNeil, Chief Clinical Information Officer for Health and Care, looks into Public Health England’s data collection and management functions.

BLOG: Sharing information is imperative

Our population is increasing, and people are living longer. There are enormous challenges for our health system to plan and deliver services, the NHS and social care is under significant duress. Sustainability is a term often used, meaning different things to different people. How well do we provide assurance of sustainability?

ICO prosecutes former employee of counselling charity for unlawful sharing of data

The Information Commissioner’s Office has issued another warning for people accessing sensitive information without a ‘valid legal reason for doing so’

ICO issues warning as another NHS employee gets fined for breaching patient privacy

The Information Commissioner’s Office continues to take action against NHS employees that ‘abuse their position’.

Lack of ‘good quality data’ in healthcare is a stumbling block for AI hubs, says NHS director

An independent review published last week on growing the AI industry in the UK calls for improvements in access to data

Artificial Intelligence and analytics: Who do we trust?

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, natural language processing – these are just some of the phrases you have undoubtedly seen on social media and marketing materials touting the next revolution in healthcare.

CQC finds again ‘zip bags’ of patient records in public areas at NHS trust

Chief Inspector of Hospitals Professor Ted Baker has said Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust should be placed into special measures after failing to make improvements.

CQC urges Stepping Hill Hospital to take measures and ensure ‘security of patient records’

Care Quality Commission inspectors find no improvements in terms of ensuring paper-based patient records are kept secure.

NHS Digital director calls on organisations to maximise use of digital technology

NHS Digital director talks about the progress made by NHS Digital in supporting local organisations to use digital technology and improve patient safety and the quality of clinical care

Analysing historic data to make selection and training processes more cost effective

Scott Baker, Product Manager at Hicom, one of the UK’s most established healthcare software companies, outlines how a focus on data quality and analytics can help drive efficiencies and cost savings in the recruitment, selection and training of UK health care professionals (HCPs).

Health and Justice Information Service to go live by 2018

NHS England has attributed the delay in the system’s go-live date to ensuring ‘appropriate data-sharing rules and procedures’ are set in place.

ICO fines ex-council employee for stealing data of adult social care department users

Court prosecutes ex-council employee after discovering information on medical and financial conditions of 349 individuals had been stolen.



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