England’s Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, says the NHS has to embrace DNA testing to put an end to the ‘diagnostic odyssey’. As the UK works on delivering the ‘genomic dream’, this hub will give you the latest on precision medicine or the 100,000 Genomes Project. 

Innovate UK launches £5m competition to scale up genomic analysis technologies

Applicants need to prove that their projects would advance the UK's ability to manufacture and commercialise genomic analysis technologies...

NHS IT delays are slowing down the ‘roll out of genomics in the UK’, committee warns

The Science and Technology Committee warns that delays in the digitisation of the NHS are compromising the development of a Genomic Medicine Service

Genomics England extends access to datasets for researchers

More than 500 researchers will be able to access the 100,000 Genomes Project dataset

Eastern AHSN backs new initiatives that will see patients receive genetic tests

Two new projects are set to accelerate implementation of genomic services across primary care in England.

100,000 Genomes Project reaches halfway point

“Having built the platform and reached the 50,000 halfway point we are now able to operate at a scale to complete the target by the end of 2018,” said Sir John Chisholm, Genomics England Executive Chair.

Wales starts taking part in 100,000 Genomes Project

The agreement will support the Welsh Government’s Genomics for Precision Medicine Strategy.

Whole-population genetic testing to improve prevention of breast and ovarian cancers

New research shows genetic testing for all women could prevent 64,500 more breast cancers, 17,500 more ovarian cancers and save 12,300 more lives.

NHS England network of genomic laboratory hubs to become operational in 2018

Seven national genomic laboratory hubs will become operational by November 2018.

Science and Technology Committee launches new inquiry into genome editing in the NHS

Previous committee on genomics was unable to conclude examinations due to the snap General Election.

PHG Foundation issues call for widespread adoption of new genomic technology

With only five per cent of patients with lung cancer estimated to live for more than 10 years after diagnosis, PHG Foundation calls for widespread adoption of promising circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) testing.

Life Sciences Industrial Strategy supports a digital NHS

patient data

CQC finds Boots online pharmacy services ‘safe and effective’

Pharma giant appoints first Chief Digital and Technology Officer


England’s Chief Medical Officer calls for DNA testing to become part of routine cancer care

eHealth Week, European Commission

Never underestimate the phenotype, says UK CCIO


Genomics inquiry launched by Science and Technology Committee

health data, Microsoft

Could a ‘computational’ approach beat cancer inside a decade?

George Eliot Hospital signs up to revolutionary genetic project


Vox Pop: 'It’s a very exciting time for genomics in the UK'


Vox Pop: 'No-one else in the world has a solution for this – and we are making good progress'

NHS England, genomics

NHS England Chairman has vision for the future of data and genomics

NHS Digital

Kicking the 'Five Year Forward View' into action

DNA, genomics

Plans laid for Genomes Project over next decade

George Freeman

First patient recruited at new centre for Genomes Project

DNA, genomics

100,00 Genomes Project reports first breakthroughs


100,000 Genomes Project has major new IT helper

Oxford first to ask for patient DNA in cancer plan

Getting pharmacists electronically connected to patient discharge will radically improve treatment


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