Hot Topics from UK e-Health Week

This video series takes a look at the big takeaways from the UK e-Health Week event. Experts from the centre, supplier organisations, and NHS trusts discuss topics ranging from interoperability and analytics to artificial intelligence and digital transformation, providing BJ-HC readers an inside look at the thought leadership that was on display at the London event.

Uniting around standard definitions of healthcare interoperability

David Hancock, Client Engagement Director, InterSystems, tells HIMSS TV why it's important that the NHS advances interoperability standards...

What can healthcare do with patient data points?

James Maullt, CMO, Qualcomm Life, tells HIMSS TV why he thinks we're about to enter one of the 'most profound moments in the history of...

Taking a look at transformative technology for healthcare

.Nick Harte, Solutions Director at Cambio, explains why he thinks genomics and the adoption of standards can have a big impact on the NHS

How IT pathways are being opened up by greater NHS innovation

James Norman, DellEMC's healthcare CIO for EMEA, discusses the role of IT services in reshaping the care pathways, while engaging the patient to a greater degree...

NHS Digital introduces new Data Security and Protection Toolkit

Alan Morton, NHS Digital Programme Manager, speaks to HIMSS International Chief Clinical Officer Dr Charles Alessi about the new Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

The importance of clinical engagement in healthcare’s digital age

Naila Siddiqui Kamal, MD, Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London, says embracing digital in the delivery of healthcare services will underpin system-wide improvements in an exclusive interview with HIMSS TV.

Linking primary care to population health: Behind the Primary Care Home model

Nav Chana, Chair of the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC), speaks to HIMSS International Chief Clinical Officer Dr Charles Alessi at UK e-Health Week about the primary care home model developed by the NAPC.

Using telehealth to bring care to war zones: Waheed’s mission

HIMSS International Chief Clinical Officer Dr Charles Alessi speaks to Arian Teleheal Founder Dr Waheed Arian about providing good quality healthcare through digital means in war zones.

Healthcare's challenges are global in scope

HIMSS CEO, Hal Wolf, discusses the organisation's mission and touches on how the right information and technology can help meet industry challenges across the globe...

'Switching the mindset' in digital transformation

Joanne Bosanquet, Deputy Chief Nurse, Public Health England, discusses the need to stay 'connected to our community' via technology in an exclusive interview with HIMSS TV...

Ensuring nurses receive patient-centred information

Rhonda Collins, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) at Vocera Communications, discusses new notification platforms which connect the care teams and reduce the burden on clinicians, in an exclusive HIMSS TV interview.

'HIMSS is working internationally to advance population health' says HIMSS Chief Clinical Officer

Dr Charles Alessi, Chief Clinical Officer of HIMSS International, has outlined the major role that HIMSS can occupy in connecting global healthcare systems and supporting the NHS in improving healthcare delivery.

'Analytics is more actionable in healthcare,' says Director of Data Science at NHS Digital

The Director of Data Science at NHS Digital, Daniel Ray, tells HIMSS TV that analytics are now more actionable than ever before, as we move towards more integrated care delivery.

Learning from Global Digital Exemplars: Blueprinting for digital transformation

Rachel Dunscombe, Director of Digital for Salford Royal Group, and Afzal Chaudhry, CCIO of Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) discuss the challenges in becoming a GDE on HIMSS TV

Learning from NatGeo: Meeting the cultural challenges tied to digital transformation

Marcus East, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President for National Geographic, speaks to Dr Charles Alessi, HIMSS International Chief Clinical Officer, about lessons that healthcare can embrace when it comes to digital transformation at this year’s UK e-Health Week.

‘No innovation without pain’ says Estonian e-government pioneer

A key figure behind Estonia’s transition into the world’s first ‘e-government’ system at the turn of the century has defended some of the controversial decisions made to enable the transformation.

IT ‘stretched as thin as it can go’ in many NHS organisations, new national CCIO tells UK e-Health Week conference

Dr Simon Eccles, the new national Chief Clinical Information Officer for Health and Care in England, spoke at the UK e-Health Week conference yesterday (15 May), calling on the entire workforce to recognise the value of digital.

NHS organisations are failing to get basic IT right, says NHS England director

Speaking at UK e-Health Week today (15 May), Matthew Swindells, NHS England National Director, Operations and Information, urged organisations to address issues with ‘basic IT’ in an effort to start moving towards a ‘personalised, data-led, fast to deploy new innovations’ system.


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