Blockchain, AI or sensor technologies are creating a buzz in healthcare, but is their use supported by the NHS IT infrastructure? Keep an eye on this hub to find out the latest on health tech innovation and their support for the delivery of Five Year Forward View commitments.

London start-up creates groundbreaking AI system for surgical teams

Experts predict that AI supported surgery will become ‘common practice’ in the next five years

AI and associated technologies to create one million jobs in healthcare, PwC analysis suggests

New PwC analysis indicates that AI and associated technologies will create as many jobs as they displace

Government responds to damning Lords report on Life Sciences Industrial Strategy

The report, published towards the end of April, heavily criticised the implementation arrangements of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy


PwC invests in Perfect Ward to accelerate adoption of innovation across health and social care

PricewaterhouseCoopers invests in Perfect Ward, a digital health start-up that offers an innovative tool to carry out real-time inspections, currently being used in a variety of healthcare settings in the UK.

Topol calls for input on digital NHS workforce needs

The Topol Review’s interim report invites the health tech community to share insight on what the NHS workforce needs to deliver its digital future.

Yorkshire and Humber and Thames Valley and Surrey join Local Health and Care Record Exemplar programme

Yorkshire and Humber and Thames Valley and Surrey will each receive up to £7.5m during the next two years to drive shared care records initiatives through a new exemplar programme.

Pfizer announces winning pitches for start-up innovation competition

Three digital health start-ups will receive a share of a £50,000 grant through the Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London programme.

UK Space Agency offers innovators £4m to bring space tech to the NHS

Innovators will be able to apply for new funding from the UK Space Agency to find medical applications for space technology.

Apple taps RapidSOS to help emergency responders pinpoint iOS users' locations

Apple enters partnership with RapidSOS in the United States, which provides a platform that links various devices and data sources directly to 911 responders during an emergency.

Twelve councils to receive funding for digital innovation in social care

Twelve councils will explore the role that technology could play in transforming social care, taking into account local challenges.

What to expect from the digital health world? Patents hold clues about Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft plans for healthcare

New report sheds light on the hundreds of patents filed by tech giants in relation to health IT.

Cutting-edge facility to use AI and develop new drugs for clinical testing within weeks

The new Rosalind Franklin Institute is investing £6m in ground-breaking initiatives that will disrupt the drug development process.

Digital mental health platform Healios raises £2.2m

Healios will now use the money to grow the scale of its operations and enable the platform to be used more widely in the NHS.

BLOG: NHS70 Innovation

In a new blog, NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group Chief Information Officer Nick Hopkinson calls for greater efforts to encourage innovation in health and care.

Salford Royal partners with startup

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust is entering a new partnership with to set up a virtual renal clinic, part of the Global Digital Exemplar programme.

Inside Apple's integration with Medisafe, the first test of the Apple Health Records API

Apple unveils Health Records API and announces integration, in the first instance, with medication tracking and adherence app Medisafe.

Clanwilliam Group acquires Informatica Systems

Investment group Clanwilliam acquires Informatica Systems in its latest expansion push.

Brighton rocks patient-centred health innovation

Putting patients at the heart of health and care is being put into a practice with a Brighton project that delivers the technology that citizens want.

PM urges NHS & wider tech sector to use AI in the ‘fight against disease’

Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to say that AI and data could save thousands of lives if used to improve diagnosis of cancer and other diseases, but experts warn that the ‘right infrastructure’ needs to be in place to underpin these developments. launches next generation medical speech recognition to entire NHS Primary Health Care Network launches next generation medical speech recognition to the entire NHS Primary Health Care Network - ‘Dictate IT Live’ - with a two months no-cost, no-commitment free trial.

Varian Acquires Evinance Innovation, Inc.

Varian acquires Montreal-based clinical decision support software company to expand its portfolio and become a global leader in multi-disciplinary integrated cancer care solutions.

Mayden Boosts Performance, Flexibility and Resilience by Migrating to UKCloud Health

Three-fold performance boost, greater flexibility and resilience allows Mayden to find new and innovative ways to help its healthcare customers deliver psychological therapy services.

Could GDPR scupper NHS plans for AI?

The race to see artificial intelligence ‘save’ the NHS needs to overcome the hurdle of GDPR. BJ-HC looks at the challenges ahead.

HIMSS brings first-of-its-kind health IT online broadcasting network to UK e-Health Week 2018

HIMSS is launching an innovative online broadcasting network at the UK e-Health Week conference, taking place at Olympia in London on 15-16 May.

Social care start-up Cera launches new service after raising £12m in Series A funding

Dr Ben Maruthappu, co-founder and CEO of Cera, said the new service would help the start-up ‘transform the accessibility and affordability of homecare’.

National roll out of ‘e-traffic light’ system to help reduce hospital waiting times

A new ‘e-traffic light’ system developed by the Behavioural Insights Team is already easing pressures on services.

Baroness Jowell becomes first patient to donate data to new global cancer databank

Baroness Tessa Jowell returned to the House of Commons to pledge support for a new Universal Cancer Databank aiming to accelerate development of better treatments for rare cancers.

Cambridge and West Suffolk connect EPR systems in UK first-of-its-kind partnership

Global Digital Exemplars Cambridge University Hospitals and West Suffolk have created a link between their Electronic Patient Record systems, with the functionality currently available in the A&E departments of Addenbrooke's and West Suffolk hospitals...



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