Mayden Boosts Performance, Flexibility and Resilience by Migrating to UKCloud Health

Three-fold performance boost, greater flexibility and resilience allows Mayden to find new and innovative ways to help its healthcare customers deliver psychological therapy services.

Could GDPR scupper NHS plans for AI?

The race to see artificial intelligence ‘save’ the NHS needs to overcome the hurdle of GDPR. BJ-HC looks at the challenges ahead.

HIMSS brings first-of-its-kind health IT online broadcasting network to UK e-Health Week 2018

HIMSS is launching an innovative online broadcasting network at the UK e-Health Week conference, taking place at Olympia in London on 15-16 May.

Social care start-up Cera launches new service after raising £12m in Series A funding

Dr Ben Maruthappu, co-founder and CEO of Cera, said the new service would help the start-up ‘transform the accessibility and affordability of homecare’.

National roll out of ‘e-traffic light’ system to help reduce hospital waiting times

A new ‘e-traffic light’ system developed by the Behavioural Insights Team is already easing pressures on services.

Baroness Jowell becomes first patient to donate data to new global cancer databank

Baroness Tessa Jowell returned to the House of Commons to pledge support for a new Universal Cancer Databank aiming to accelerate development of better treatments for rare cancers.

Cambridge and West Suffolk connect EPR systems in UK first-of-its-kind partnership

Global Digital Exemplars Cambridge University Hospitals and West Suffolk have created a link between their Electronic Patient Record systems, with the functionality currently available in the A&E departments of Addenbrooke's and West Suffolk hospitals...

New funding to support ‘real world evaluation’ of health innovations

Four innovations are to be fast-tracked into use through the NHS England Innovation and Technology Payment programme.

NHS Digital to roll-out Electronic Prescription Service across the rest of England

The Electronic Prescription Service will initially be available in the Advanced Adastra system, used by the majority of 111 and urgent care services across the country.

New exemplar scheme to drive joined-up delivery of care across the health system

The new Local Health and Care Record Exemplar (LHCRE) scheme will build on solutions already in place, with five regions set to receive £7.5m that will have to be matched locally.

BLOG: How is AI transforming the nature of healthcare delivery?

In a new blog for BJ-HC, Eleonora Harwich, Head of Digital and Technological Innovation at Reform, looks at the application of AI in healthcare and argues the hype must not ‘cloud judgement around relevance and design’.

A hotbed of health IT innovation: Keele University

Universities are going faster and further in realising Simon Stevens’ vision of the NHS being a ‘hotbed of innovation’, as BJ-HC found out on a visit to the School of Pharmacy at Keele University.

Allscripts launches new machine-learning, cloud-based EHR system

Built on Microsoft Azure, the new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is already being used at Carlinville Area Hospital in Illinois.

Philips launches new data science platform to accelerate adoption of AI in healthcare

The new platform, along with the Insights Marketplace, will help clinicians, scientists and developers, among others, use AI to ‘support precision diagnosis, personalised therapy, early intervention and greater hospital efficiency’, according to Jeroen Tas, Philips Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer.

Uber moves into the health space

More than 100 organisations in the US have already started using Uber Health, a new service aiming to provide transport for patients.

GDE carries out its first robotic-assisted total knee replacement operation

Towards the end of February, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust used the NAVIO surgical system to carry out a total knee replacement operation.

DigitalHealth.London accelerator opens up applications for its third year

The DigitalHealth.London accelerator opens the application process for its 2018-19 intake and launches across three new locations: East Midlands, Manchester and South West England.

DeepMind turns to U.S. to help identify signs of patient deterioration

“This project has great potential intelligently to detect and prevent deterioration before patients show serious signs of illness,” said Mustafa Suleyman, DeepMind Co-Founder.

Health Secretary announces £75m for e-prescribing

The announcement comes after a new review found that more than 230 million errors occur every year in England in the medication process.

Government responds to House of Lords report on long-term sustainability of the NHS

The House of Lords Select Committee report, published last April, urged the government to make technology uptake an ‘NHS priority’.

New accelerator to help Israeli digital health start-ups partner with the NHS

The UK-Israel Dangoor Health Initiative is expected to create ‘a pipeline of digital innovation for the NHS’ and strengthen the trading relationship between the two countries.

New gamification technique to help patients with schizophrenia

As approximately 30% of people with schizophrenia experiencing verbal hallucinations do not respond to medication, brain imaging experts develop a new technique based on gamification that can help patients learn mental strategies that they can apply on a daily basis to cope with these symptoms.

NHS to improve access to care for new mums’ mental health with £23m funding boost

“Improving community access to mental health care is the cornerstone of NHS plans to improve services, and the £60 million investment in perinatal mental health will mean women and their families get targeted, specialised support at one of the most important periods of life,” said Claire Murdoch, NHS England Mental Health Director.

A fifth of UK health and social work jobs will potentially be automated by mid 2030s, PwC analysis suggests

PwC has released a new report looking at the impact of job automation based on OECD data from 29 countries.

NHS should trial a new app for depression, says NICE

“Our aim is to provide evidence-based advice so services can make informed decisions and people have more flexible options to treat anxiety and depression,” said Dr Paul Chrisp, Programme Director, NICE Medical and Technologies Programme.



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