With its large number of disparate IT systems, the NHS finds a remarkable challenge in making health information exchange a reality. Our hub will give you the latest on efforts to improve data sharing across the NHS.

Connecting Care goes live with Care Connect FHIR API in new initiative aiming to reduce drug-related deaths

Connecting Care goes live with a Care Connect FHIR API developed by NHS Digital and the INTEROPen group

Tech giants team up in 'historic moment' to remove interoperability barriers

Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce pledge to remove interoperability barriers at the Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference

Lack of interoperability continues to be a challenge for the growing medtech industry, report finds

New research from the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions identifies a series of challenges that the medtech industry will need to address

Interoperability posing big challenges in the UK, KLAS research shows

A new report from KLAS shows NHS data sharing to be cumbersome and disruptive to clinical workflows across the country.

NHS Wales Informatics Service partners with life sciences hub

The initiative, known as the Digital Health Ecosystem Wales network, will initially run for a period of two years.

Site Visit: Lancashire Care goes live with EPR system

Last week, BJ-HC went to the Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust to find out more about the recent Electronic Patient Record (EPR) phased roll-out programme.

PRSB kicks off new project to improve data sharing between pharmacies and the health and care sector

A new project looking to improve sharing of information between pharmacies and the health and care sector has now been launched in the UK.

techUK to review each Personalised Health and Care 2020 domain

NHS Digital and techUK have selected six main areas to focus on during the next few months as part of their strategic partnership launched at UK e-Health Week 2017.

BLOG: Social care - a missing piece of the shared care record jigsaw?

A recent NHS Digital survey of social workers highlighted that the majority wanted to see easier methods of information-sharing to support their work. A key challenge to achieving this, unsurprisingly, was sharing data with health organisations.

What to expect from digital healthcare in 2018?

There is no doubt: 2018 is a year to watch for digital healthcare, and keep an eye out for the second part of this feature due to be published next week.

Study casts shadow on current state of online consultation systems in primary care

Experts from the University of Bristol looked at the use of a system deployed across 36 practices in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

The King’s Fund to hold event on sharing health and care records in Leeds

The King’s Fund is set to hold an event on sharing health and care records in Leeds on 13 December 2017.

NHS Digital and INTEROPen launch new API lab

NHS Digital partners with INTEROPen community to launch new initiative aiming to improve exchange of information between NHS and social care.

Liverpool Heart and Chest hospital extends Allscripts EPR partnership

Liverpool Heart and Chest will continue using the Sunrise EPR for the next five years.
interoperability, eHealth

Interoperability more than ‘technical challenge’, says new study

healhcare data, Abed, NHS

UK: ‘How our NHS is evolving’

healthcare information exchange

Healthcare Information Exchange - Who's leading the way?

London, NHS

Breaking down barriers key to interoperability success

digital health, interoperability

Challenge of interoperability to be addressed

The first eHealth platform in the world to combine IHE and openEHR

NHS England, Bryant

Interoperability is key to a paperless NHS, says digital lead

digital health, interoperability

Better care: the human face of interoperability

Europe inches towards interoperability


Interoperability: shoot for the practical, not the perfect

NHS England, Hunt

Interoperability focus at Health Insights series

Inderjit Singh, Head of Enterprise Architecture, NHS England.

NHS England signs up for interoperability

‘Interoperability strategy is key to progress’, says NHS England


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