Prof David Hughes

Executive Director of Information and Analytics to leave NHS Digital

Hunt, NHS Confed, Brexit

Hunt pledges to protect rights of EU nationals working in the NHS ahead of Brexit negotiations

Beverley bryant

Beverley Bryant to join System C & Graphnet Care Alliance as Chief Operating Officer

cybersecurity, NHS

May pledges £10bn for ‘most ambitious’ IT and estate investment programme

Global digital exemplars, NHS, cybersecurity

UK e-Health Week 2017: delivering more with less

patient empowerment

'I think it’s going to challenge the system, in a good way'

nhs digital

NHS Digital to move out of ‘ivory tower’, says Beverley Bryant

AI, NHS, IBM Watson Health

'I am the superhero and cognition is the cape' says NHS CCIO

digital health

UK e-Health Week 2017 – Inspiration and making a difference. And no beer.

hospital IT, leadership

Alt-Report lays down TEC leadership challenge and calls for CCIOs/CIOs to take on the role of ‘Hacker In Chief’

CIO, NHS, Hopkinson

NEW COLUMN: Engaging with technology

CIO, richard corbridge

HSE CIO and Salford Royal Group Director of Digital lead the way in CIO 100 list for 2017


Health and care systems facing increasing difficulties, reports PwC


Lancashire Care NHS FT is looking for new CCIO to lead EPR implementation

sarah wilkinson, nhs digital

NHS Digital appoints Sarah Wilkinson as CEO

Dwelly, NHS, UK e-Health Week, CIO

UK e-Health Week 2017 – the place to be if you believe in the power of health IT

NHS England

Sir Bruce Keogh leaves NHS England to join Birmingham trust

aitkenhead, NHS England

Leading Change, Adding Value: a framework for nursing, midwifery and care staff

richard corbridge, eHealth Ireland

Make ‘digital’ part of health service running costs, recommends HSE CIO

digital health, NHS digital academy

NHS Digital Academy tender to go live at the end of March

Ireland, hospital IT

EXCLUSIVE: Creating digital ecosystems in Ireland and N Ireland – what are the challenges?


Non-profit health IT organisations extend partnership

ehealth Scotland

EXCLUSIVE: 'Scotland as a leader in digital health and care'

beverley bryant, nhs digital

Problem solving with a passion


NHS digital lead reinforces need for collaboration with tech suppliers



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