NHS, wachter

Think of IT as ‘adaptive’ rather than ‘technical’, says Wachter


Centralisation set to transform European healthcare

IT, NHS Scotland

Scotland to appoint first Chief Clinical Information Officer

‘Public bickering’ between No. 10 and Stevens hinders progress, says PAC


Global Digital Exemplar Royal Free appoints new CIO

NHS England

Countess of Chester to join Fast Followers scheme

NHS, ehealth Ireland

UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland CIOs set to open second Executive Leadership Summit in Dublin

Brexit, healthcare

NHS concern hits highest level in 14 years

Jeremy Hunt, NHS, Wachter

Health Secretary hints paperless 2018 target is unrealistic

UK e-Health Week

'NHS workforce must be digitally literate' says NHS England Associate CCIO

EXCLUSIVE: Implementing digital transformation

In this, my first blog for the British Journal of Healthcare Computing, I’d like to start by introducing myself.
patient data, cybersecurity

'Exemplars expected to reach EMRAM level 7,' says CIO

beverley bryant, nhs digital

Beverley Bryant awarded 'Digital Leader of the Year'

clinical IT

Foster the ‘growth of clinical leadership’, says medical director

Keith McNeil, CCIO,

NHS leadership lined up to speak at UK e-Health Week 2017

Andrew Haldenby

NHS has to get on ‘right side’ of the digital revolution, says think-tank director

significant improvement

CUH out of special measures after IT recovery

Dwelly, NHS

NEW COLUMN: 2017 - The year of eHealth

asthma, NHS, IT

Asthma UK calls for adoption of ‘digital asthma actions plans’

digital health, eHealth Ireland

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Collaboration is of fundamental importance!’ (Part 2)

NHS England, nursing

NEW COLUMN: Leading change, adding value: a framework for nursing, midwifery and care staff

digital health

Look beyond ‘digitising the status quo’, says NIA fellow

Women, Health IT

Call for more women in NHS leadership positions

digital health

Eight UK regions awarded for health IT investments


Global Digital Exemplars expected to match £10m funding



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