NHS to get £2.8bn extra funding during the next three years

Chris Hopson, NHS Providers CEO, has said the £2.8bn extra funding is ‘less than the NHS needed but more than expected’.

[London, UK] The NHS in England will receive additional funding to cope with increasing pressures, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has announced today.

Unveiling the Autumn 2017 budget, Hammond said the NHS would receive a £2.8bn cash injection during the next three years, with £350m to be made available immediately to help support services this winter, £1.6bn for 2018-19 and the remainder in 2019-20.

Earlier this month, the Nuffield Trust, the Health Foundation and The King’s Fund urged the government to address the ‘critical state of health and social care’ in the Autumn budget and recognise pressures in terms of funding that the system is facing.

Statistics included in their briefing suggested NHS funding would be ‘at least £4bn lower than what is needed’ for 2018-19.

Chris Hopson, NHS Providers Chief Executive, said the extra investment is ‘less than the NHS needed but more than expected’, proving the existing spending review plans for the next financial year were ‘undeliverable’.

He added in a statement: “However it is disappointing that the government has not been able to give the NHS all that it needed to deal with rising demand, fully recover performance targets, consistently maintain high quality patient care and meet the NHS’s capital requirements (…).

“Tough choices are now needed and trade offs will have to be made. It is difficult to see how the NHS can deliver everything in 2018/19, for example fully recovering performance targets. The next step is a conversation with frontline leaders to clearly agree what can and can not be done.”

Hammond said an additional £10bn package of capital investment in front-line NHS services would be delivered, although no further details were mentioned.  

In his speech, he added: “Dedicated NHS staff are handling the challenges of an ageing population and the rapidly advancing technology with skill and commitment.”

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