Science and Technology Committee launches new inquiry into genome editing in the NHS

Previous committee on genomics was unable to conclude examinations due to the snap General Election.

[London, UK] The Science and Technology Committee has launched a new inquiry on genomics and genome editing in the NHS, looking at the national Chief Medical Officer’s recent Generation Genome report.

The inquiry will assess the recommendations made by Dame Sally Davies for ‘mainstreaming genomic medicine in the NHS’ during the next five years.  

Those who want to submit evidence to the committee have to do so before 13 October.

The inquiry will use as a basis an interim report received from the previous committee on genomics, split into two parts, one looking at the impact on human health and the other one at the impact of technologies on plants, animals and ecosystems.

The committee was unable to conclude its analysis due to the snap General Election, but created a report to ‘serve as a stock-take’ for future examination.   

Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk and Chair of the Committee, said: "The challenges of embedding genomics and genome editing in the NHS must be identified and fully addressed if all patients are to benefit from this vitally important and promising technology.”

In Generation Genome, Dame Sally Davies said cancer patients should receive routine DNA tests to improve rates of prevention, protection and outcomes, supporting the delivery of the ‘genomic dream’ across the NHS.

“Genomics is not tomorrow. It’s here today. I believe genomic services should be available to more patients, whilst being a cost-effective service in the NHS.

“Through the establishment of Genomics England and the 100,000 Genomes Project, we are ahead of the game in transforming our NHS by integrating genomics into the health service in a way other countries dream of,” the CMO added.

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