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The NHS is currently going through an evolutionary process with a focus on developing new integrated care models and digital roadmaps that are reliant on health IT systems that enable interoperability, mobility and information exchange. However, looming in the shadows of this transformation are the cybersecurity risks that come with increasing technology adoption. ‘So how do we stop cybersecurity risks hampering progress?’ asks Dr Saif Abed in a new column in BJ-HC this month.

‘Integrated care models require innovative thinking and collaboration across local health economies,’ says Abed, ‘including stakeholder groups ranging from social care to acute care’. One of the key themes within these models, he says, is preventive medicine and the increasing management of patients in the community. ‘Clearly, to achieve this, clinical data will have to flow between clinicians in a more fluid manner than ever before and especially since clinicians are becoming mobile workers. This leads to an age old dilemma since as data flow increases the risk of it being compromised increases too. Additionally, the adoption of the associated enabling IT systems creates more targets for malicious attacks such as ransomware.’

The CCIO is one role that is having significant impact on issues like these in today’s NHS, says Abed in the post: ‘The responsibilities of a CCIO are growing as their involvement extends into procurement, strategic planning, frontline user engagement, project management and the implementation of best practice.’

Read the article in full - Empowering the NHS to tackle clinical data threats

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